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Character animation





Character animation is generally defined as the art of making a particular character move in a two- or three-dimensional context. It´s giving life  to any life form entity, including non alive characters, like a talking teapot, or a talking sandbag, for example, within a three dimensional space.

whether is a simple or complex shot, I can provide accurate and appealing performance in your lovely characters, be it a talking box, or a dozen arms creature.









In filmmaking, visual effects (abbreviated VFX) are the processes by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot.

Visual effects involve the integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would be dangerous, expensive, impractical, or impossible to capture on film. Visual effects using computer-generated imagery have recently become accessible to the independent filmmaker with the introduction of affordable and easy-to-use animation and compositing software.











In cinematography, match moving is a cinematic technique that allows the insertion of computer graphics into live-action footage with correct position, scale, orientation, and motion relative to the photographed objects in the shot. The term is used loosely to describe several different methods of extracting camera motion information from a motion picture. Sometimes referred to as motion tracking or camera solving, match moving is related to rotoscoping and photogrammetry. Match moving is sometimes confused with motion capture, which records the motion of objects, often human actors, rather than the camera. Typically, motion capture requires special cameras and sensors and a controlled environment (although recent developments such as the Kinect camera have begun to change this). Match moving is also distinct from motion control photography, which uses mechanical hardware to execute multiple identical camera moves. Match moving, by contrast, is typically a software-based technology, applied after the fact to normal footage recorded in uncontrolled environments with an ordinary camera.


Animar por amor al arte o por dinero?

      Durante los años que llevo dedicado a este oficio, desde el inicio, siempre supe que sería lo que haría por el resto de mi vida. Fue un día jueves 24 de Junio del 98, cuando por vez primera, tuve mi primer PC…fue un mágico momento cuando después de conectar todo cable posible, […]

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To animate or to move Gizmos?

    Do you want to be a 3D animator? … Congratulations!   You’ve made a beautiful decision! One of the most fun and even well paid professions in some cases (outside of Colombia, of course) and that lead to the maximum creative and personal strength when you do it with passion with soul and […]

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  Quieres ser animador 3D?…Felicitaciones! Has tomado una hermosa decisión! Una de las profesiones más divertidas y hasta bien remuneradas en algunos casos (fuera de Colombia, por supuesto) y que conllevan a sacar la máxima fuerza creativa y personal cuando se apasiona con el alma y el corazón. Sin embargo, uno de los principales errores […]

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